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Home of the Royals!
Orchestra ē Band ē Jazz Ensemble
Dr. Tim Blessington, Director of Instrumental Music

Upper Darby, PA

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The Upper Darby School District's mission is:
"To provide a comprehensive and challenging educational program which encourages all learners in a safe environment to respect others, value education, and appreciate and contribute to their community as confident, independent thinkers."

Group Lesson/Sectional Schedule

Jazz Ensemble 2022 Pictures!

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Events on the Horizon /Reminders:
Questions??? See Dr. Blessington in the Band Room on the lower level in room 12 or email Dr. B. Directly!

The Week of May 16, 2022

Monday, 5/16
No Before School Rehearsals

Todayís Lessons:
Any band or orchestra member that would like to rehearse for the concert!

Concert Run Through 6:30 to 8:30pm.! CANCELLED DUE TO THE WEATHER

Tuesday 5/17,
NO Band REHEARSAL @ 7:10 am. Because of Election Day our school district is having a Virtual Day at home.

Todayís Lessons:
Any instrument that wants to practice!
Iíll be in the virtual classroom if you would like to go over your music or work on something specific. The Google meet is: BHMSDrBlessington I will be in the virtual classroom during periods 3, 4, 6 & 7. (8th period too IF I donít have a coverage.)

Wednesday 5/18,
Orchestra, Band and Jazz REHEARSAL 7:10am. Please be on time. This means EVERYONE!

Todayís Lessons:
STRINGS! Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bass!

Itís Concert Day!
Be sure you have everything you need to perform! Make sure your music is PRINTED and in your binder! NO CHROMEBOOKS AT PERFORMANCES.

For the P. M. Assembly:
1:00 (7th period) come to the band room to prepare for the assembly. You will gather all of your instruments and music and wait in the auditorium in the usual back corner (non windows side) under the balcony. Please choose the behavior that you know is expected of you and that I trust you to choose!
Please come dressed in a golf/polo shirt (any pastel color) and black pants.
Assembly @1:30pm

Band room doors open at 6:15. ALL band and orchestra members should be in the band room by 6:30pm.
We will tune and then you will go to the auditorium in your proper place and wait quietly for the start of the concert. TRUSTED BEHAVIOR PLEASE!
You can wear a Hawaiian shirt!!! And BLACK pants. Iíll be wearing mine! Letís see some wacky creative shirts!! Sun glasses are also allowed. If not a Hawaiian shirt, you can just wear a nice spring colored button down shirt.

Thursday, 5/19
No Before School Rehearsals

Todayís Lessons:

Friday 5/20

Jazz Ensemble REHEARSAL @7:10am!
Todayís Lessons:

Percussion & Beginners!

Saturday 5/21

Jazz Ensemble Performs at the District Art Show!
MEET Dr. Blessington AT UDHS in the central courtyard at 11:30am. Come dressed for performance and be sure to bring everything you need to perform! Transportation is with your parents!

If you need to get an instrument, I would strongly suggest renting one from Zeswitz (or a music store of your choosing). You will receive a better instrument and repairs are covered while renting. Use this link to go to the Zeswitz rental page :

Zeswitz Rental Page

The availability of school instruments is very limited. Please contact me if acquiring an instrument is extraordinarily difficult. I will do what I can to get you an instrument.

"Always remember........Your three best friends are:

Time Management
& Communication "
-Megan Cook UDHS Class of 2019,
BHMS Class of 2015
(Member of the Band, Orchestra and
Jazz Ensemble)

Questions? Need to contact Dr. B.? Click on the mail link below:

E-Mail :

How to organize your music for Band and Orchestra

E-Mail :

A tribute in pictures for Brad Schoener

"A lesson in fixing schools"
An article by Dr. Blessington published in the 3/1/13 edition of the Daily Times.
Click here!

(I wrote this for YOU, my students....past, present and future.)

"Dealing With The 5 Percent"
An article by Dr. Blessington published in the 1/12/12 edition of the Daily Times.
Click here!

(I wrote this for YOU, my students....past, present and future.)

If your email address changes PLEASE keep me informed so that you will continue to receive musical event information.

CHECK OUT THE LINKS AND MATERIALS ON THE "Learning Materials, Metronomes and Helpful Links" PAGE!! Good stuff!

Learning Materials, Metronomes and Helpful Links

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Calendar : Dates, events, etc....
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Please E-Mail with any questions you may have 24/7:


Be sure to check your calendar list and lesson schedule!

Please come to see me in the band room if you have any questions.

This website has been updated with the handbook and forms for the 2021-2022 school year.

Help us earn money for our school music program by participating in the BoxTops for Education program.

We already participate in the program, all you have to do is clip the little "Box Tops" coupon and send them in to the school with your students. If the coupon is on a lid, submit the entire lid - rinsed clean.