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County Band : Description and General Details

Beverly Hills Middle School

(A Link to recordings of some of the repertoire is at the bottom of the page)

County Band is made up of students selected by their directors from several area middle schools. Each year the county band festival is held at a different school. Band students from Beverly Hills, Drexel Hill, Haverford, Strath Haven, Springton Lake, E.T. Richardson and Paxon Hollow come together to form one large and well balanced band comprised of the best musicians from each school. The County Band rehearses three times at the host school. A concert is given and the band usually records a CD of their performance. (Recordings of this year's repertiore can be found at the bottom of this page.... not yet but soon!)

Students selected to participate in this special ensemble are expected to practice the music on their own and to show up to weekly reading rehearsal sessions with Dr. Blessington. Music is usually available before the winter break.

After several weeks of self motivated and guided practice, county band students will take a bus from BH to the host school for rehearsals. Rehearsals are held at the host school from 1pm to 5pm. The students' attendance at all rehearsals is crucial to a successful experience and mandatory!

On the evening of the concert BH students in county band will meet Dr. Blessington at the host school IN THEIR BAND UNIFORM (pants and jacket only). Uniforms are to be picked up from the band room at least by the last rehearsal.

Inclusion in this performance ensemble is both an honor and an opportunity to positively represent BH in public to other schools and school districts. As "ambassadors" of BHMS students are expected to exhibit mature, responsible, trust worthy and exemplary behavior at all times.

This year's County Band Festival will be hosted by Paxon Hollow Middle School.

Details and an itinerary of the rehearsals and performance will be included in the music folders. Please promptly review the information and complete the forms immediately.

Feel free to contact Dr. Blessington if you have any questions.

Email: TBlessington@upperdarbysd.org

Hello there! At the link below are most of the recordings of the music you will perform at County Band this year. You can listen to them on the page by clicking on each recording * OR * You can download the recordings to your computer and make a CD for yourself.

Here’s how :

1. Click on the link for the recording.

2. The recording will start in your browser.

3. Stop the recording by pushing the play/pause button.

4. In the “File” menu(or at least it should be in the file menu) select “Save Page As” .

5. Save the file as an MP3 on your desktop * OR * create a new folder to save the music files in the location of your choice.

6. Import the MP3 files into your iTunes (or whatever you use to play music… iTunes will work the best).

7. Burn a CD or import the recording to your iPod/MP3 player.

8. Listen! Listen! Listen! And Practice, practice, practice!!

Try listening to each piece following along in the sheet music without your instrument.
Then, go back and finger along on your instrument as you follow the sheet music.
Then, play along lightly on your instrument, but be sure you are listening and playing WITH the recording.
Work out the rough spots without the recording.
Try it again with the recording.
Repeat the process until you get it!!
The better prepared you are for our first rehearsal the better the whole group will sound!! Your “bandmates” are depending on you to do your best! PRACTICE!!!!

Feel free to email me if you are having any problems with these recordings or if you just have a question. In the mean time……. PRACTICE!!!!

County Band 2019 Recordings Page coming soon!

UPDATED 9/3/19