2012 Jazz Schedule

Jazz Ensemble
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The Jazz Ensemble is a top level group for the most advanced players. All members are chosen from the Concert Band, or Orchestra. The Jazz Ensemble consists of saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, and percussion instruments and performs at spring Jazz Festivals, community events and concerts.

The Jazz Ensemble also occasionally performs in the spring, at the "Trills & Thrills" festival at Hershey or Dorney Park.

Musical selections include Swing, Jazz, Fusion and Rock.

Membership into the Jazz Ensemble is determined by instrumentation needs and by audition. The Jazz Ensemble begins rehearsals in November and performs during the second half (January through June) of the school year.



For a list of performance dates please consult the calendar list or the home page.


UPDATED 9/3/19

Jazz Ensemble Performance Dress Code is : All black : Black shirt AN TIE, Black pants, black socks and black shoes. Girls may opt to wear a black dress or black skirt with a black blouse.

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